Grant Deed Scams

Grant Deed Scams

  • Jeffrey Lee
  • 01/11/15
New scams are popping up everywhere these days. Emails about winning money, theft of personal information, and insurance scams have unfortunately become present in daily news or conversation. It is important for everyone to be aware of these scamming tactics and to learn how to identify them, especially because these extortionists have their eyes set on new home buyers. Usually, there are a few tale-tell signs for this type scam:
You might have received an official letter in the mail from what seems to be a legitimate company.

You are asked to pay anywhere from $50‐$250, or even more, for a certified copy of your Grant Deed.  

The letter conveys a scare tactic message. For example, it may state that the Grant Deed is required to “protect your purchase from foreclosure in today’s market”.
The letter states that they will take care of sending a certified copy of your Grant Deed to you after they receive your payment. Never send your money to a third party company to receive a copy of your Grant Deed. There are other affordable options readily available. The Alameda County Recorder charges $4.5 (certified copy) for the first page, and $3.5 for every additional page. Each county is different, so please remember to contact the county where your property is located. Another helpful option is to give me a call directly. I can get a copy of your grant deed for free from a title company. The document does not need to be certified to show that you are the rightful owner of your home; the Owner’s Title Policy will suffice. In addition, check your past mail. After closing your purchase transaction; the county recorder mails the buyers the original Grant Deed.

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